Santa Extrema

by Convulsia Darklove



guit, voc - Convulsia Darklove
music, lyrics - Convulsia Darklove

recordings are one-takes except
'She's The One Who Turns Off Night's Angels'
which was recorded in two takes:
first for guit & vocals, second for a solo.


released January 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Weakie Discs Kraków, Poland


not active anymore.

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Track Name: Pinch Of Disaster
Pinch Of Disaster

I look at you and see that big smile
but this calmness drives me mad
I smash the mirror and stare for a while
that's the way i want to live my life

pinch of disaster
understand, I need a little pain
pinch of disaster
pinch of drama, I'm the one you can blame

as a kid, I used to sketch in blood
small drop of red can tell you the truth
I cut the scars, make a little flood,
it makes me stronger, I feed my youth

pinch of disaster
understand, I need a little pain
pinch of disaster
pinch of drama, I'm the one you can blame
Track Name: All I Need
All I Need.

I don't need your cross that is raping my soul through
I don't need any star doesn't matter: red or blue
don't need your companies with money-filled arseholes
I don't need your wisdom 'cause it only brings control.

don't need no external power to identify myself
don't need your labels, but they can fit your arse well.
but I need to scream out loud, need to feel my heart is beating free!
that's all I need.
Track Name: She's The One Who Turns Off Night's Angels
She's The One Who Turns Off Night's Angels

she's the one, who turns off night's angels
know she's mortal, still dancing with me
on the ticking of the clock she rested one hand
second on lips singing night's misery

so let's dance, although the music is fading
blending into the cold streets of the dawn
'cause the twilight might come to us through the windows
and take us to the angels, from the night they're spawned
Track Name: With A Little Help From Satan
With A Little Help From Satan

Before you take any action
You always think about it twice
Cause you're afraid of reaction
You're just boring, sold and nice

Your virgin ears are filled with pain
I'm asking Satan for help
To rape your mind with bloody rain
He'll put his trident in your ass!

Why are you so shocked when listening?
You've begged for it and now it comes
Now beware of what you're dreaming
You might meet Satan's gang!

When did you regain your virginity?
I'll try hard to take it back
With a little help from Satan
You'll find your ass slapped and smacked!
Track Name: Flying People Eaters
Flying People Eaters

it's so quiet all around
anger's rushing through the sky
this anger rises high

see the people eaters fly

on the tops of trees they sat
blood's dripping 'cause it's tired
boiling blood, freezing mind

see the people eaters fly

can you hear the cannon's scream
on the tops of these trees?
drunk are people, but they can kill

people eaters soon will fear!