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by Lxnnnie, Rzo

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“Tales of the Sunshine” (Previously Unreleased) Written, performed and recorded by Lxnnnie in 2006.

“Swirrlll” (Previous Limited Release) Written, performed and recorded by Lxnnnie in 1999. Originally released on the album 'Sorry, You Are Not a Winner' in 2000. Less than 25 CDRs [with artwork] were made/printed and distributed amongst friends and acquaintances.

“Congratulations” (Previously Unreleased) Written by Lxnnnie’s cousin Keith Mazza when he was 11 years old in 1994. Originally performed by Keith’s noise/grunge band Sick Fawn. Covered by Lxnnnie in 2013.

"Spojówka" and "Baba i Diabeł" are a completely new songs based on old traditional structures of the folk music from Carpathian Mountains area. Similar sounds can be heard in Poland, Slovakia, East Hungary, West Ukraine, North Romania. " Czart jest tu" brings "new thrill". Is it scream or just the Czart's (Devil) laughing?


released July 19, 2014



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Weakie Discs Kraków, Poland


not active anymore.

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Track Name: Lxnnnie - Tales of the Sunshine
Tales of the Sunshine

I’ve seen god start a fire,
I saw the devil in a cloud.
Now there’s a ghost in the mirror,
With birds flying all around.

I got a shovel with your name on it,
I kinda smile when I scream.
So if you sleep with your window open,
Be very careful when you dream.

‘Cause you should never ever doubt
what no one is sure about,
Welcome to a world you will never figure out,
You can come on in and hang around with me,
But you will never ever be the same
after you leave.

No you will never be the same
after you leave (x4)}

Well I’ve been taking all the backroads,
And I’ve been talking to the trees.
They’re pretty busy making shadows,
But sometimes they talk to me.

They tell me tales of the sunshine,
And how it glows in your head.
But if you wait till the end of time,
It only happens when you’re dead.


[harmonica solo]

Track Name: Lxnnnie - Swirrlll

In a whirlwind of fire,
In the depths of the sea,
Couldn’t get any higher,
Girl, we’d have to be free

{Free (x4)}

Shooting like stars,
Unto my eyes,
Couldn’t get any higher
well surprise surprise

{chorus} (x8)
Track Name: Lxnnnie - Congratulations

I am waiting, for you,
You’re not here to be a friend,
Why did you call me again?

{I am bleeding.
Heal my wounds.
Give me a Band-aid.

I am here to help,
I am seeing giant kelp,
Tadpole of love,
It’s good to know I’m glad enough.

{chorus} x2
Track Name: Rzo - Spojówka
english translation


Devil's head sticking out of my conjunctiva
My tears are black, because black is blood of the Devil
Kiss of nettle
Striga's scream in the brain alive
In the black soul the Devil hides black anger

On the other side of the eye angel's head is sitting
Angel scatters powder, it's the poison for the Devil
The Devil knows, asks nothing
Fang, claw, hoof are sparkling
I laugh, because I do not dry my conjunctiva
Track Name: Rzo - Baba i Diabeł
english translation

Baba and the Devil

In the fusty wooden house old woman (baba) sits next to table
She is drinking sorrow and she's not alone
Big hairy form is sitting with her
He has horns and eye in the back of the head

Sitting face to face
He asks: know the Devil?

Devil suddenly felt a strange odor
Mined from hell or from here?
Paralyze caught the Devil
Because he saw the part between her legs

Sitting face to face
she asks; know the Devil?
Track Name: Rzo - Czart jest tu
Devil is here.